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Chungang University’s Department of Korean Painting is training talented Korean artists and educators who have rational expressive skills to lead the world of art through the transmission of traditional art and creativity.

Based on our foundational philosophies and educational ideologies, we aim to produce creative talents who are independent and who will contribute to the advancement of 21st century Korean art as well as the world through in-depth modeling practice and research of oriental aesthetic consciousness founded upon the concepts of oriental art and aesthetics.

Prerequisite Courses Theory of Oriental Art (Required), History of Oriental Art, History of Western Art, Theory of Modern Pictorial Arts, History of Korean Art, Art Criticism (Choose 2)
Co-requisite Courses Analysis and Criticism of Modern Art, Theory of Modern•Contemporary Korean Art, Theory of Oriental Art, Theory of Modern Pictorial Arts, Theory of Oriental Painting 1, Modern Art Research (Choose 2)
Required Courses Korean Painting Practice Ⅰ, Korean Painting Practice Ⅱ, Korean Painting Practice Ⅲ, Korean Painting Practice Ⅳ
Elective Courses Artwork Research, Oriental Art History Research, Theory of Oriental Painting II, Special Lecture on Formative Arts, Theory of Korean Art History, Research Methodology in Oriental Art Research
Korean Painting
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