Curriculum > Undergraduate

Grade Subject

1st grade

Drawing Research, Portrait Painting(1), Fundamentals in Korean Painting(1), Media Techniques Research(1)

Three-dimensional Modeling, Portrait Painting(2), Fundamentals in Korean Painting(2), Media Techniques Research(2), History of Oriental Art
2nd grade

Theory of Visual Media, Ink-and-wash Painting(1), Material Techniques(1), Fundamentals in Design(1), History of Western Art, Oil Painting Techniques(1), Material Techniques(1), Expression Techniques(1)

Material Techniques(2), Fundamentals in Design(2), Ink-and-wash Painting(2), Oil Painting Techniques(2), Expression Techniques(2)
3rd grade

Color Painting(1), Creativity and Criticism(1), Printing Techniques

Theory of Oriental Art, Color Painting(2), Creativity and Criticism(2), Printing Techniques, Theory of Modern Pictorial Arts, Theory of Art Management
4th grade

Modeling Practice(1), Formative Expressions(2), History of Korean Art 1

Modeling Practice(2), Formative Expressions(2), Art Criticism
Korean Painting
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